We have been cleaning blinds and windows with the pride since 1998. Our service for blind cleaning uses ultrasonics that clean with sound vibration that leave your blinds with a longer lasting finish using no abrasive and don't promote static electricity. Ultrasonic Blind and Shade Cleaning not only improves the appearance of your window blinds, but also improves the indoor air quality of your home or office environment.  It eliminates biological contaminants such as dust mites, bacteria, odors, smoke/nicotine, pollen, pet dander and other germs that cause allergies.  Ultrasonic cleaning is the most effective cleaning technique for window treatments available today. Ultrasonics is a method of cleaning your window blinds and shades through the use of sound waves. It is fast, gentle, efficient, and safe. No dangerous chemicals are involved in the cleaning process. Ultrasonics cleans the vanes/slats of the blinds, head rail, as well as the cords, strings and wand.  Your blinds are like new again!